Calaveras Construction Company enjoys a record of excellent work habits and superior business practices, attributes recommended by the Small Business Administration. We've been in business for over twenty years!

Calaveras Construction Company is a reputable contractor licensed by the state. While a license alone doesn't guarantee an excellent contractor, it is one way to weed out unlicensed amateurs.

Bank account
Calaveras Construction Company is a contractor with more than twenty years of experience, a solid record of bank deposits and sufficient capital to satisfy his project's needs.

Calaveras Construction Company carries workers' compensation and general liability insurance and will provide copies of policies from our insurance company.

The only way to judge workmanship is through an on-site inspection. Calaveras Construction Company will provide names of recent clients, and arrange to examine projects similar to yours. We strive to maintain a level of workmanship that will assure a positive recommendation.

Contractor's License #  790594 :: Contractors State License Board

Member Better Business Bureau since 1996



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